LIFE is more than the big things. In fact, it's very much the opposite. 99% of your life is made up of the simple, mundane, day-today things. And as much as I love to celebrate your big moments, I want to be there for the small ones too. The little details you think no one will notice.

The love of your life holding your dress up as you hike your way into the grass.

Sweet whispers in between snaps of the camera.

Kiddos playing in the sand when they think no one notices.

& Your loved ones doing exactly what they do best:


My job is to capture those things.

Sure, I won't miss the big moments.

But even more than that, I sure as heck won't be missing the small ones.

The in-betweens.

It's what makes you, you.

& It's what makes our life exactly what it's meant to be.


"Cassi was one of my wedding photographers and I couldn't recommend her more! Kind, talented, and very professional! We love our pictures!" 


"Cassi did my wedding on August 19th, at a very last minute request. A few days before hand she asked me what specific kind of pictures I wanted, or if I had anything in mind. I asked her to capture the raw emotion of the day and that's just what she did. Reviewing and looking back at the pictures made me just as emotional as I was on my actual wedding day. I would recommend her to anyone."


"Cassi was wonderful with our family. She worked with us and exceeded all our expectations. She is a real professional."


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